Who are we ?

Created in 2015 by five digital enthusiasts - Richard Strul, Olivier de Segonzac, Sebastien Broussois, Stéphane Philippo, and Julian de Maestri - Ozae is a tool for monitoring and analyzing news.

We find that brands tend to want to become media, brand media. Both are aimed at an over-solicited consumer, whose attention is declining, which blocks content at 36% and the fragmented path between different devices. It is therefore increasingly difficult to emerge with relevant content.

Moreover, harvesting and analyzing the data internally is a temporal and budgetary constraint. So how do you capture the attention of your audience?

Ozae has the ambition to help you meet this challenge. We have developed the first solution that allows you to be the leader of the news at a lower cost. We scan information from 5 countries daily on Google News and social networks, and with powerful data extraction algorithms, you provide reports to analyze your performance in one click.

Ozae, it's:

42 243 medias analyzed per month

13 customizable reports

15 thematics

A data base covering millions of articles

A community of 1000 storytellers

5 countries (France, UK, Italy, Germany, North America)